• Be a senior in high school or under.

  • Have an Illinois Master Mason relative who is, or was at the time of his death, a member in good standing.

  • Be able to show evidence of financial need if requested.

How to Apply:

  • A parent or legal guardian must complete an application for each child requesting assistance.

  • Complete the Engagement Applicant Information and Masonic Affiliation sections.

  • Attach equipment or sports gear details or registration with payment instructions.

  • Contact a Secretary from an Illinois Lodge of your choice and request a Lodge Endorsement signature.

  • Send the Engagement application to Lodge Secretary for endorsement Signature.

  • If need help with finding Lodge Secretary’s contact information, call or email IMCAP for assistance.

What to Expect After Applying:

  • Your application will be reviewed by the IMCAP Director

  • The Director will call or email the parent/guardian for more details if needed.

  • May be provided referrals to relevant services related to needs.

  • Your application will be presented to the Board of Managers to determine assistance plan during the monthly meeting.

  • The decision about providing assistance will be communicate to via phone or email.

  • Allow 6-8 weeks for the approval process to allow for registration deadlines.

Lodge’s Role in the Application Process:

  • The parent/guardian will request and send the Engagement application for a Lodge Endorsement signature.

  • The Secretary will sign and date the Lodge Endorsement section and then send application to IMCAP.

  • If the Lodge Secretary is not able to fulfill this role, the Worshipful Master may handle.

  • The decision about providing assistance will be communicated to the Secretary via email.