Engagement - Extracurricular


  • Be a senior in high school or under.

  • Have an Illinois Master Mason relative in good standing, who is living or deceased.

  • Be able to show evidence of financial need if requested.

How to Apply:

  • A parent or legal guardian must complete an application for each child requesting assistance.

  • Complete the Engagement Applicant Form

  • If requesting assistance with purchasing equipment or sports gear, provide details including quantity , size, brand, color and where to purchase.

  • Provide copy of activity registration forms with payment instructions.

  • Send completed application by mail or email to: IMCAP@ilmason.org or IMCAP, 2866 Via Verde, Springfield, IL 62703.

What to Expect After Applying:

  • Your application will be reviewed by an IMCAP staff member.

  • The staff member will call or email the parent/guardian for more details if needed.

  • The staff member may provide referrals to relevant services related to needs.

  • The IMCAP staff member will prepare a Request Report based on information from the application and conference calls

  • The Request Report will not contain the names of the applicants, parents/guardians, or Illinois Master Mason relative.

  • The IMCAP Director will present the Request Report to the Board of Managers to determine assistance plan during the monthly Board meeting.

  • The decision about providing assistance will be communicate to parent, guardian or applicant via phone or email.

  • Allow 6-8 weeks for the approval process to allow for registration deadlines.

Lodge’s Role in the Application Process:

  • Educate members and member’s family about the Engagement-Extracurricular service.

  • Make referrals to the IMCAP Director for children or young adults who could benefit from the service.