How we serve children and young adults?

Services provided directly to children and young adults.


Emergency Relief Program

Provides assistance for unforeseen hardship expense, medical care and other emergency or one-time special needs

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Youth Organization Connection

A partnership between Illinois youth organizations and/or Lodges to allow for:

  • Applying for foundation, government or corporate grants.

  • Provide funding for a youth organization in Lodges’ area.

  • Identify youth organizations to receive discounted participation fees.

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Hand UP Program

Assists with providing:

  • One-time only funds for specialized technology and adaptive equipment.  

  • Short-term professional services to address speech, hearing, physical, mental health, and nutritional challenges and/or learning needs.

  • Cost of after school programs, tutoring, testing, and trainings


Education Grant Partnership

A higher education matching program that will bolster the Lodge’s scholarships provided to young adults.



Offers the opportunity to participate in recreation, extra-curricular and leadership activities by providing financial support needed.



A matching fund program to assist with the cost of attending summer or special camps.