Education Grant Partnership

About Education Grant Partnership (EGP):

  1. Can be used for young adults enrolled in college, vocational school or certification program in Illinois.

  2. May receive up to $1000 of matching grants per academic year (August through July).

  3. Matching dollar per dollar.   

  4. May request grant to be divided among several recipients or only 1.

  5. Not automatically renewed.

Student Eligibility Requirements:     

  1. Must be 25 years old or under.

  2. Admitted to or enrolled in an accredited college, university, or trade school.

  3. U.S. citizen or legal resident.

  4. Lodge may request to give the matching grant to another recipient instead of the student who received the Lodge’s Scholarship. The Secretary will need to complete 2 applications, attach a copy of the check for the Lodge’s scholarship recipient and explain in the Comment Section of EGP applications.

    Lodge’s Role in the Application Process:

  1. Select potential EGP recipient(s) and ensure the eligibility requirements are meet.

  2. Lodge’s Secretary must complete an application for each recipient(s) and send to IMCAP.

  3. Attach copy of Lodge’s check to their scholarship recipient to the application.

  4. Present the EGP recipient(s) with the Grant Certificate, preferably at a lodge meeting or function.

What to Expect After Applying:

  1. The IMCAP Director (Director) will review the Educational Grant Partnership application.

  2. If potential EGP recipient is not eligible, the Director will inform the Lodge’s Secretary.

  3. The application will be presented to the Board of Managers during monthly meeting.

  4. The BOM will review the application and determine if match will be provided.

  5. A letter documenting the BOM decision regarding EGP match will be sent to the requesting Lodge Secretary.

  6. The EGP Certificate will be sent to the Secretary within 30 days of approval.

  7.  IMCAP will send their check directly to the educational institution on behalf of the recipient.