Hand Up


Assists with providing:

  • One-time only funds for specialized technology and adaptive equipment.  

  • Short-term professional services for speech, hearing, physical, emotional, and nutritional challenges and/or learning needs.

  • Cost of after school programs, tutoring, testing, and trainings.

To qualify, the applicant needs to:

  • Be 21 years old or under.

  • Have an Illinois Master Mason relative who is, or was at the time of his death, a member in good standing.

  • Need must be relevant to the overall development and well-being of the applicant

  • Needs are not covered by insurance or other financial/service resources

How to Apply:

A parent or legal guardian must complete an application for the child or young adult. Applicants 18 or older may complete the application themselves.

  • Complete a paper-version or online applications.  

  • The child/young adult applicant(s) must have an identified need detailed in the application.

  • Sign the Compliance Agreement and Release of Information Sections.

  • Send completed application by mail or fax to: (217) 529-0242 or IMCAP, 2866 Via Verde, Springfield, IL 62703.

  • Contact a Secretary from an Illinois Lodge of your choice and request a Lodge Endorsement form to be completed on behalf of the applicant(s).  Endorsement Form completion details are located on the Lodge Endorsement Form.

  • If need help with finding Lodge Secretary’s contact information, call or email IMCAP for assistance.

What to Expect After Applying:

  • Your application will be reviewed by the IMCAP Director.

  • A phone conference to learn more about your needs will be scheduled with the IMCAP Director.

  • May be provided referrals to relevant services related to needs.

  • Your application will be presented to the Board of Managers to determine assistance plan during the monthly meeting.

  • If your requests needs immediate attention, the request will be presented to the Board Chairman.

  • The decision about providing assistance will be communicate to via phone or email.

Lodge’s Role in the Application Process:

  • The applicant or their parent/guardian will request a Lodge Endorsement from the Secretary as part of the application process.

  • The Secretary may request the applicant to send a Lodge Endorsement form with the Application Information and masonic Affiliation Sections completed.

  • The Secretary will sign and date the Lodge Endorsement form then send to IMCAP.

  • If the Lodge Secretary is not able to fulfil this role, the Worshipful Master may handle.

  • The decision about providing assistance will be communicate to the Secretary via email.