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How we serve children and young adults?

Services provided directly to children and young adults.


Emergency Relief Program

Provides assistance for unforeseen hardship expenses or one-time special needs.

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Youth Organization Connection

A partnership between Lodges and Illinois youth organizations to allow for:

  • Applying for foundation, government or corporate grants.

  • Funding youth organization in Lodges’ area.

  • Sponsorship for youth enrichment opportunities for their local youth.

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Hand UP Program

Assists with providing:

  • One-time only funds for specialized technology and adaptive equipment.  

  • Short-term professional services to address speech, hearing, physical, mental health, and nutritional challenges and/or learning needs.

  • Cost of after school programs, tutoring, testing, and trainings


Education Grant Partnership

A higher education matching program that will bolster the Lodge’s scholarships provided to young adults.



Offers the opportunity to participate in recreation, extra-curricular and leadership activities by providing financial support needed.



A matching fund program to assist with the cost of attending summer or special camps.

Our Impact in the First Year

The Illinois Masonic Children’s Assistance Program returned to the Freemasonry roots of caring for our brethren’s children. After our first year of administering IMCAP’s six new services, we have had the pleasure of helping a total of 906 children and young adults. The breakdown by service is below:

  • Education Grant Partnership: 119 young adults received matching grants for a total of $68,382 sent directly to the schools.

  • Emergency Relief: 52 children and young adults assisted with medical expenses, family supplemental needs, and disasters.

  • Hands Up: 5 children received financial assistance with professional services for developmental challenges and equipment.

  • Engagement: 31 children provided with funding for recreational activities, leadership conferences, holiday gifts and more.

  • Youth Organization Connection: 7 proposals approved from lodges for funding benefiting a total of 333 children.

  • Camperships: 2 youth received matching funds for camp.

As IMCAP grows, the hope is to assist more children and young adults. To achieve this goal, IMCAP needs your help by providing referrals and advocating for the IMCAP services in your lodges and communities.

Legacy Program


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Our Legacy Youth are Growing Up  

The Legacy Program is IMCAP’s way of honoring the rich history of the Illinois Masonic Children’s Home outside of the walls of the Children’s Homes. The goal of the Legacy Program is to support our Children to ensure they have the opportunities they need to reach their fullest potential. Over the past year, our young people have graduated from college, attended summer camps, gone on mission trips, taken swimming lessons, been recruited to play football in college, dressed up for proms, and more.  Our youth have experienced ups and downs throughout the year, IMCAP has been there to offer financial assistance, encouragement, and guidance.

As we watched our 24 children and young adults in the Legacy Program grow and begin new challenges, they have inspired us by their resiliency and their hope.

Highlights of the past year’s achievements and opportunities:

  • Our first college student graduated college with his Bachelor of Arts in Accountancy.  He graduated with a 3.5 GPA.

  • Six Legacy students attended college and three graduated from high school.

  • Our Murphysboro Legacy participants moved from Spero’s Children’s Home to host homes in the Murphysboro area due to significant programming changes at Spero.  The six youth enjoyed living in their new home environment.

  • Six youth attended summer camps and seven participated in school sports programs.

  • Five youth obtained their driver’s licences.

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